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Avalanche Cycles

Avalanche Cycles is a Parisian workshop created by Laurent Beurriand and Marie Kervella, both industrial designers. Carried by the love of bicycles and mountain roads, they started Avalanche Cycles in 2018. Avalanche Cycles creates hand-crafted bespoked steel bikes, for men and women. The first road bikes have been tested on the legendary french Alps roads. Each bike is the result of a long dialogue between the customer and the craftsmen, in order to share the beauty of bike creation.

Maker -Marie Kervella & Laurent Beurriand

Designer - Marie Kervella & Laurent Beurriand

Where - Paris

Lord Cycles

I proudly handcraft bicycle frames in Cardiff, because for me it enables my personality, passion and skill to be harnessed into a cherished object that allows you to build memories, experience the world and connect to amazing people.


Maker - Chris Lord

Designer - Chris Lord

Where - Cardiff, Wales






Handmade custom steel frame bicycles, made in Staffordshire, UK.

Fillet brazed steel frames, a classic fabrication style for performance, comfort, and longevity, harnessed with modern production and design techniques.

I design & build bespoke bikes in all styles, for all disciplines.

Classic Dutch to modern Road - MTB, Klunker to Ebike

Maker -

Designer -

Where - Staffordshire UK


OTT cycles

OTT cycles designs and develops new ideas for the future of cycling.


Purple Dog Custom Cycles

I make custom bicycle electronics (dynamo/battery lighting, (Di2) chargers, etc.) and the bikes to go with them.

Maker - Nikola Banishki

Designer - Nikola Banishki

Where - France

Rueil-Malmaison, France



Ryden Bikes

Crafting high performance bicycles with a blend of tradition and technology, one by one from a workshop in Berkshire. Customers are deeply involved in the design and build process from start to finish, ensuring that every creation has a story to tell with an emotional connection that will last a lifetime and add a smile to every ride. Frames are generally tig welded and then finished with a high-quality custom paint design.

Maker - Darren Ryden

Designer - Darren Ryden

Where - Berkshire