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Pacenti wheels are either handbuilt in the UK or USA. We are an international brand that believes every wheel deserves the same attention to detail. We build wheels that get challenged in the toughest environments. From Ultra races to the Pro peloton and everything in between. We are also able to offer custom wheels as we have a variety of options and more by request.

Quirk Cycles

We offer models to help you with your adventures, all versatile, multi-surface machines. Each model has been inspired, designed and ridden in some of the toughest most demanding ultra-cycling events in the world using these experiences to develop the best bikes you will ride.

Maker - Rob Quirk

Designer - Rob Quirk

Where - London




Progressive Gravel / Adventure and MTB frames hand crafted in North Yorkshire England, Tested all around the world. Offering small batch production, custom fit frames, & complete builds from stock as well as custom builds and complete adventure packages. Since 2017 the focus has been Performance driven design of our full suspension MTB and Hard tails which are now ready for the to be released into the wild.


North Yorkshire


Rakshasa Customs

Cameron Jarvis was trained as a jewellery maker. However, before long, his favourite hobby led him to take up work as a bicycle mechanic. After more than a decade in the trade he is still as passionate about bikes as he was on day one. Cameron studied fillet brazing at the Bicycle Academy. He then spent a further two years servicing bikes by day and welding by night, thereby honing his craft. In 2016 Rakshasa Customs was born. We specialise in off-road frames as that’s what we know, and that’s what we ride. Utilising full tube sets, mixing and matching tubes from different manufacturers, and sometimes even producing our own, we create aesthetic, individual, and durable frames, ideally suited to the owner and to their particular riding style.


Maker - Cameron

Designer - Cameron

Where - London

07787 692 093


Restrap is a Yorkshire based luggage manufacturer, we specialise in high quality handmade luggage solutions and accessories for bike packing, cycle touring and gravel riding.

We’re a team of outdoor enthusiasts. When we’re not sewing, we’re out and about putting our products through rigorous testing, getting ourselves and our stuff as wet, muddy and well-used as possible.

Fully in-house production means we have complete control over the manufacturing of our products, from raw materials to the finished product. From 3D printing through to laser cutting, we use cutting edge technology to bring innovative and thoughtful products to the market.


Leeds, West Yorkshire


Reilly Cycleworks

Reilly Cycleworks, founded by the late Mark Reilly together with long-time collaborator Neil FitzGerald, honours a rich UK framebuilding legacy spanning over 30 years. Reilly specialises in bespoke steel frames; custom titanium bike builds; hand-finished carbon framesets; exclusive paintworks and anodised finishes; adventure, ultra-endurance and bikepacking solutions; classic frame restoration.

Maker - Adrian Parry

Designer - Mark Reilly / Neil FitzGerald

Where -Brighton

Reilly Cycleworks, Unit 6, Level 3, New England House, New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GH

01273 694143


Innovation is at the heart of all we do. Reynolds Technology invented tube butting back in 1898 in Birmingham, UK as a way to reduce weight safely. This process is still being used on lightweight bike frames today, with Reynolds still operating out of Birmingham, over 121 years on. Reynolds first brought out the highly alloyed steel 531 back in 1935, introduced the first heat treated steel to the industry with the advent of 753 in 1976, and, most recently, have started exploring the possibilities of 3D printing technology, with 3D printed titanium dropouts commercially available and further work being done on 3D printing in stainless steel. Our super-steel 953 is currently the strongest tube-set available to builders, and with titanium, hydroformed aluminium, air-hardening 631 and 853, and cold-worked 921, there’s a material to meet every specification.

Maker -

Designer -

Where -

Building 21, Shaftmoor Industrial Estate, 226 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8SP

0121 777 3853


Rideworks are a UK manufacturer of bike components, our emphasis is on UK made quality parts.


We proudly design and manufacture all our products in-house.

Our range includes - Bottom Brackets, Stems, Headsets, Seat Clamps, Hubs and more.

Maker - Paul MacDonald

Designer - Paul MacDonald

Where - Coventry UK

0778 9988512