Bespoked - a celebration of handmade bicycles & those who make them.



This week we meet NIck Coates of Beamz, possibly the only framebuilder making bikes from coppiced woodland poles. A truly sustainable material, these poles are made into high performance bicycles with a unique natural beauty and feel.


Angel Cycle Works

With so many skilled framebuilders exhibiting at Bespoked it's hard to stick to just one each week! Meet Jose Angel Calabuig of Angel Cycle works, making Titanium frames and components with personality in Spain.

Framebuilder of the week - Richard Hallet

With more than 20 year experience testing and writing about bicycles for the UK's cycling publications, Richard knows what makes a good one. So five years ago he decided to do just that and has been making them ever since.  Click the picture to read the interview.

Framebuilder of the week - Beaumont Bicycle


This week we meet Liz Colebrook of Beaumont Bicycle. Liz set up Beaumont Bicycle in 2015 after many years in the industry. She welcomes customers needing or preferring a 'step-through' frame but not exclusively. She also owns TJ Cycles and the exclusive rights to build the iconic 'Flying Gate' frameset.

Bespoked Times 2019

Operation Pacemaker Launch Land Speed Record Attempt

Moss bikes and Operation Pacemaker are set to announce an attempt on the World Cycle Land Speed Record after smashing the European record in 2018. Meet the bike and the team at Bespoked 2019.

Framebuilder of the week - Condor Cycles

This week we meet Neil Manning the production manager of Condor Cycles, frame builder in the 1980s and 1990s for TJ Quick before joining Condor Cycles 20 years ago and has since been involved in the manufacture over 15,000 bikes.

Framebuilder of the week - Mike Cubbage

Mike Cubbage of Tri-Sept Cycles. Mike has been designing and making frames out of laminated wood for over a decade and has just recently started using laminated bamboo veneers.

Framebuilder of the week - Winston Vaz

London based, veteran frambuilder Winston Vaz has been making bicycles his whole life, initially with Holdsworth then for 27 years with Roberts.

Maruya Cycles Interview

With so much thought, consideration, conversation and skill behind every single bike at Bespoked we thought we'd ask the builders to give a bit more detail.

Japanese framebuilders Maruya Cycles explain what it takes to make bikes to race the legendary KEIRIN series.



The Bike's Story - How this bike came into being

With so much thought, consideration, conversation and skill behind every single bike at Bespoked we thought we'd ask the builders to tell 'The Bike's Story'. The first framebuilder up is Sam from Stayer Cycles explaining how the bike above came to be

The Bike's Story - Fahrradbau Stolz

With so much thought, consideration, conversation and skill behind every single bike at Bespoked we thought we'd ask the builders to tell 'The Bike's Story'. Swiss framebuilder Robi Stolz, of Fahrradbau Stolz tells the story about how this bike came to be.

Framebuilder of the Week - Starling Bicycles

Bristol based builder of full suspension, steel mountain bikes.

An ex aerospace stress engineer Joe makes bikes designed to bring a smile from ear to ear. Now that's a fine way to remove any stress!

The Steel Bicycle Project

The Steel Bicycle Project launches at Bespoked this year. A project of the International Bicycle Engineering Research Group, it aims to raise awareness of key scientific and engineering principles that relate to steel bicycle design.

Meet the Maker - Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles

A view into the workshop of Sven Cycles in Weymouth, Dorset.

Framebuilder of the Week - Woodrup Cycles

Kevin Sayles of Woodrup Cycles, has been building bicycles since his 16th birthday, which he celebrated a mere 46 years ago! Now in his second innings at Woodrup’s Kevin still has a passion for carving lugs which is evident in his exquisite work below.

Bespoked 2018 Film

A film of last year's show to give you a taste of Bespoked. The film features Johnny - Coast Cycles, Matthew - Saffron Frameworks, Tom - Demon Frameworks, Adeline - Mercredi and lots more

Cyclist Track Days are back in 2019

Cyclist magazine, in association with ASSOS of Switzerland, is offering you the opportunity to try out a selection of road bikes from top brands on a purpose built track. Ticket price includes unlimited cycling 10am-4pm, a delicious hot lunch and exclusive Cyclist goody bag.

For further information, and to book your place, visit the Cyclist Track Days website here.


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Framebuilder of the Week - Adeline O'Moreau of Mercredi


London based, Belgian framebuilder and bike racer manages to find time to answer our questions. As Single Speed European Champion she know exactly how to make a bike and make it go fast!